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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why I Choose The KETO #HFLC Lifestyle

Why I choose The Ketogenic Lifestyle

I Guess I should start with a disclaimer... Im NOT a Doctor Nor am I a Certified Nutritionist.... Im a Normal person Doing my best to Educate myself and others about Healthy living. I have been involved with the Health and wellness industry on and off for years And have really started to find myself in all of it Now.

A Few years ago.. Back in 2011.. i was in a particular Company and was taking their Shake mix to help me to loose some weight. I was struggling with my weight a bit and was super excited to loose 20 pounds using the product... Then I gained it back... Fast... And Then Gained another 40 pounds.. I was devastated and Thought it was All me.. I restricted myself More and More, replacing 2 meals a day with that Shake Mix...

Can you see the writing on the wall there? 
First thing.. It wasnt ALL the Shake mix ingredients, However It Exacerbated the Issues I was having.
I became an Insomniac ( I was an Insomniac for 3 years )
I was Anxious and Paranoid All the time
I had Terrible Hemorrhoids
I developed Andema in my right foot.
I Had Bloating, My Stomach was off wack
I was Falling apart...

When I finally started to Really look at what I was doing to my body and learning about what that 'Shake Mix" actually had in it and what impact it was happening to me... Well Turns out all of the Things I was experiencing were Side effects of Those two Main ingredients [Soy Protien Isolate And Sucrolose]... I was literately Being Sold a Product.. That Was Making me Fat... AND to make matters Worse, I was Selling it to other people... The whole darn situation was bad... and It has takin me a LONG time to get my act together on my own path to Health and Getting into the Fitness I desire to live....
Click Here For Photo Source And More About SOY Danger

I FELT AWFUL... The feeling of Guilt was crazy sauce and It was hard for me to even feel like I was Able to refer anyone to anything regarding people diet or Health... Its A Journey many people take....

Fast forward to NOW And My desire to Do good By myself And be a Positive role model for others.. I have been on a Ever growing journey for Fitness and Health. And I found the High fat Low carb  or Ketogenic Lifestyle and have been eating this way for 12 days :)

The First Of HUNDREDS of Keto Videos I have been watching over the past 6 month

Grab Leanne's Keto Bundle Here

And From a Fellow Beach Body Lover Melissa McAllister

I Encourage you To Take a Deeper look at Ketogenic Style Eating and How it might benefit you too. In addition.. You can Watch Everything Im doing On my Instagram Or my Facebook Page , I am literately Posting Every Drop I eat :)

Ready to Take your Fitness to the Next level.. Join me In the 90 day Fitness challenge group We Start in JULY. CLICK HERE to learn More.

Big Love,
Coach Tara

Thursday, June 16, 2016

90 Days w Coach Tara

Im Super excited to be Starting a NEW 90 day Fitness Plan.
I keep thinking about What kind of person I will become and what parts of me will I leave behind. 
Over the last few months I have Fallin HEAD over Heals with working out and Loving what taking 30 minutes a day does for my Mood, My focus, my attitude and My body. 
NOW, Im ready to take All of it Up a Notch and Commit myself to this 90 day Program to help me do it.

I am looking for a few accountability partners to share in this experience with me.

As a Bonus to anyone who takes the Dive with me I will be Hosting an Exclusive FB Group where we can all Give our support to each other AND a Weekly Accountability Group Coaching Session for the Full 90 days.

We'll be arm in arm through it all. 
Im Really excited to Share my Found again Love for Exercise and Really Excited about helping YOU get The results in your health that will change your Life. 
ALL Fitness levels and abilities welcome. This is A GIVE What you Got Kind of Work out program specifically Designed to Help you TRANSITION into a More fulfilling state of physical fitness ACCORDING to Your Particular circumstances. 
You will not need lots of fancy equipment or high tech gadgets, You'll need to BRING your Passion to Win at your life, be ready to Impress Yourself with your Determination and Break a sweat!

Who is this NOT For?

  •  Anyone That Is looking for a Lose Weight Diet. This is about TRANS-FORMATIVE Change Not Quick and Easy Fix Magic Pill.
  •  Wall Flowers that just want to 'Watch' in the Group. Participation and accountability are Required.


 Any Fitness Level
 wanting to Make changes however no longer wanting to 'Go It Alone'
 Anyone 18 and UP years Young [Im 44]
 Willing to Challenge themselves 6 days a week for 12 weeks
 Committed to Personal Freedom and Transformation

Final Thought... Who will you be in 90 days and what will you leave behind?

Big Love,
Coach Tara
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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Collagen Induction Therapy-Dermarolling Review and Demo

Collagen Induction Therapy-Dermarolling Review and Demo 

Im am Not An Expert, dermatologist Or Skin care Professional. I am a Middle aged woman Sharing my Beginning experience with Derma Rolling.

After researching Derma Rolling I decided I wanted to give this a try to help me with Fine lines, skin discoloration, And to increase the renewal of Collagen and Elastin in my Skin.

First video I saw was From Nisha - My Fave Female Youtube Beauty Guru See Here Channel Here:

I watched SEVERAL after and Said YES! I purchased a ORA .25 Derma Roller from

I am Doing an Intense routine for the beginning. Derma Roll treatment every 2 to 3 days using the .25 Derma Roller for a total of 6 sessions, Then I will slow to Once every two weeks or 4 weeks - I haven't decided yet- 

Be Sure Your Face is CLEAN. Your Derma Roller is Sanitized and Undamaged. I have heard to Replace the Derma Roller any where from Every Month to Every 6 months. I figure You should use Good judgement with that and increase your Replacement times according to how often you use it.

I highly suggest you start with Small Needles for normal skin, Purchase 2 so you can easily switch out the roller as soon as you notice it needs changing. 

Here is A great Video from A  Professional WATCH IT:

As With Any Skin Care Routine DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you have a Dermatologist, CONSULT THEM or Have it Done professionally for A More Intense Treatment

The Skin Care Products I Use :

Connect with me on Facebook :

Derma Roller Review (0.50mm), Live Demo and Before and After

Come Dermarolling with Me! Dermaroller Skincare Routine Start to Finish

For The sake of All Opinions I Loved This Video

She is honest and Gives her real opinion Even tho I think she Over did it when She decided to give it a real try

Definately Check the Comment section on this video as well

An esthetician on: dermarollers

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Thank you For Watching!

Big Love,

Coach Tara

Monday, May 16, 2016

Black Sesame Cheese Burger

I Know There are Lot of folks out there Trying to Make better Choices however They keep falling short for a few different reasons. One of them Is because They simply are not used to So Much Living Food on their Plate. In today's Blog post I am going to Share with You The Very Recipe that Cured us From 'NEEDING' Buns And French Fries When we want Cheese Burgers. We Did not want to Give up the Cheese Burger So We Had to come up with a Clean Eating Plan...

What You Will Need, Serves 2 to 4 People

One Pound Organic Grass Fed Beef
One Bag of Fresh Salad Spinach
One Medium Red Onion,
Half White or Sweet Onion
One Red or Orange Pepper
Cup of Sliced Baby Bella Mushrooms
Two Roma Tomatoes or One Beef Steak [ Even Better Would be One Ugly Tomato from the Garden]
2 To 4 slices of Your Favorite REAL Cheese
[You Can Add All sorts of Veggies to this So Go NUTS]
half teaspoon Black sesame seeds or Teaspoon of Sesame seeds


Julienne All The Onion, Half goes into a Frying pan with EVO [Extra Virgin Olive Oil]
Julienne The Pepper, Half in the Pan, Half in a Large Bowl with the Onion
Slice The Mushrooms, Divide Just like the Onions and Peppers,
 Cook at medium Heat Stirring Occasionally.

Rinse The Spinach and SQUEEZE extra Water Out Put on the Cutting Board And Rough Cut [chop] Then put Spinach in Bowl with Onions, Peppers and Mushrooms  Mix really well.
Cut Two Romas or One Beefsteak And Add and Mix in the Salad bowl Set Salad Bowl Aside.
Make 2 to 4 Patties with the Grass Fed Beef And Place Them On top of the Sauteing Veggies And Cook to Desired Temp Flipping Only ONCE.
Add One Slice of cheese to each Patty

On Your Dinner Plates Spread the Salad Over the Plate Nice and Even
Sprinkle Sea salt or Himalayan Salt Ground Pepper And Half the Sesame over the Salad. use a Tablespoon of EVO and A Tablespoon of Balsamic Or Red Vinegar Over The Salad on the Plates.

Get The pan with the Cheese Burgers and Place each burger on the Center of the Plates, Top with the Sauteed Veggies and Sprinkle some more Sesame on that.
Serve Immediately. ENJOY!

Substitutes or Additions :

You can Use Turkey Meat And Really Cut the Calories in this dinner [Not that there are much]
You could add some crumbles feta to the Salad Or Even use a lill Organic Ranch Dressing to get The Taste buds going. Eventually You will love the taste of the food so much you wont feel the need to Disguise it with sauces and dressings, But I sure did use it in the Beginning Used Chipolte Ranch.
You can Totally Add Cajun  Spice Or Sriracha To Bring out Some Fun Flavor. There is a Lot you can do with this dish. 
If You are Vegan, Make an Awesome Black Bean Burger !!

I Hope This Helps you Get Your Cheese Burger Craving into a Healthy Cleans Eating Place! Give This Post A Share And Leave Me a Comment. Let Me know How You Snazzed Up this Clean Eating Meal :)

Big Love,
Coach Tara

Monday, May 2, 2016

What They Do Not Tell You about Self Sabatoge

You have made up your mind to make a new start. 

You have picked out a work out plan, you have your shopping list, your going to stick to the list and fill your pantry with the best ever foods for your new plan. You have set some goals for your health and fitness and THIS TIME, you are determined to see it through. It won't be like last time. This is a fresh start and you are going to make it happen. You are so excited to get to the store and do the shopping, Your excited to get started. You are so excited, you decide to just head out there without eating your breakfast. 

You get to the store, and everything is going so well. 

You are actually proud of yourself, the contents of your cart is so healthy and nutritious, you even begin to feel a little Superior to the other shoppers. You see that Young Mom putting the Apple Jax in the basket, You see the elderly man all hunched and in pain from his arthritis with a cart full of Frozen dinners. You feel bad, if they only knew what they were doing to their bodies with that food.

You should know... 

There you are , overweight... tired... maybe even a little sick. You are a perfect example of what bad eating habits can do, but you are not going to play into that game anymore... THIS TIME you are going to win....

You notice your getting a little hungry...

But you brush it off and keep on going. By the time you get to the Frozen section, your eyes start wandering to the pizzas, You see the melted cheese and the Pepperoni beckoning to you.. You HOLD Firm and keep on walking. Then it happens.....

You see the Sign....

YOUR Favorite ICE CREAM is ON SALE... Yeap, Its Buy One Get one. Thats a Savings of over 5 bucks! You could get The Cookies and Cream AND the Chocolate Trinity for Half the price it Normally is [you leave out of your reasoning that You Never buy it full Price anyway] You AUTOMAGICALLY convince yourself that you would be An IDIOT to let that sale go unused. You would Be a FOOL not to grab that deal and You are no fool... You tell yourself it will be a REWARD at the End of the Week for being SO GOOD on your Diet. Before you know it, there are 2 half gallons of ice cream in your cart. All of that Thinking and struggling with that EPIC ice cream sale has you on a whole NEW high, a Whole new way of thinking... You see something you had not noticed before .. You didn't see the 2 For Paul Newman's Pizza Before either. HECK You are gonna eat like a Queen tonight... The "New You" can start tomorrow....


Its Not Really All your Fault... There are a couple of underlying factors at play in this scenario. And These underlying factors Can Be Changed, they Can be overcome, its just going to take a lill more education and PRACTICE to get it straight. You can Change, I KNOW this... Why, Because I did!

21 days to a new Habit...Its a LIE. 

In 2009 researchers at the University College of London conducted a study to determine the REAL number of days it takes to develop a habit to the point of AUTOMATIC behavior integration. Their Findings... 66 Days. Thats Right... the sweet spot for developing REAL and Positive Habitual change takes 66 days.... Thats the Kind of Change you want. The Kind you don't even have to think about. YOU want to be the person that doesn't give a Flying Nun about an ice cream sale...

You Skipped Breakfast....

Your Brain actually Needs Food to Think properly. For you to make better decisions through out your day... You need Complex Carbohydrates and Proteins to Think .... In a The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in the year 2007, it was determined that WILL POWER was not just a metaphor, but a real thing in our brains that needs to be feed CORRECTLY in order for it to Perform correctly... Before you deny this... You probably already know that Drinking Alcohol disturbs ones ability to make Good decisions and limits the persons will power...

You Exercised Your WILL Power A LOT already ...

As you Use up your Will Power, it becomes weaker... FACT ... Its like a Cell Phone Charge... as you use it, it becomes weaker till it eventually stops powering your phone... THAT'S when you Revert to DEFAULT Mode... And if you have not RESET your Defaults to the Person who Doesn't Give a Flying Nun about Ice Cream Sales yet.. YOU will Succumb to the Circumstances and BUY the Ice cream... AGAIN...

Each time you give in to Old and harmful habits, you reinforce them... 

So What Are You To Do?

Take responsibility. Follow a High Nutrition eating Plan, Fuel your body and brain often and properly. Exercise 30 minutes a day for 66 days straight, and NEVER go to the Grocery store HUNGRY.

Over the past 80 or so days I have Become the One that DOES not Give a flying Nun about Ice Cream or pizza sales for that Matter. I Fuel My body and Brain with Good Real Food and I exercise everyday for 30 minutes. Last I checked, I've released over 10 pounds of unhealthy fat Over 20 plus Inches all over my body and I am on my way to reaching my health and fitness goals. If you would like more information about the plan Im using to help me do this. CLICK HERE. I look forward to helping you Transform your Life!

Big Love,
Coach Tara

Friday, April 22, 2016

My 3 Day Cleanse RESULTS

Super Excited to share My Results from My 3 day cleanse with you!

In this video I give you a History of my Personal experiences with Cleansing and fasting during my Life so you are familiar with my experience AND Understand My Opinions and Experience NOW.

If you don't want to Know that right Now, You can Skip to the 8 minute and 33 second Mark on the Video.

Thats where I tell you How I did the 3 day kick start Cleanse. If I cheated, What I Customized and The Results I had with fat released.

So I Released 6 Pounds!!! HECK YEAH!!!

Day One of My 3 Day Cleanse grin emoticon
Breakfast: Nutritional Smoothie with Orange
Fiber: I forgot to Take a pic
Tea: Raspberry
Lunch: Sliced tomato with Tsp EVO and Drizzle Vinegar, himalayan salt and pepper . Vegan Vanilla Drink Blended with Pineapple, Coconut water, Cilantro and Ice [YUMMM]
Snack : Broccoli with HUMMUS!!
Dinner: Cup Organic Broth with Italian seasonings and garlic, Roasted Asparagus [I Over cooked them But HOT DAMN they were good!] Vegan Vanilla drink with Coconut water and Ice, No Blend, Just Shake.

Im Like WHAT!! Last Time I Cleansed I wanted to DIE!
Day 2 of My 3 Day Cleanse
From The Top:
Breakfast: Fruit = Pineapple with Nutritional Smoothie Mix, Coconut water, Ice and Cilantro
Mid Morning Fiber [Not Shown] I drink it so fast I forget to take a pic LOL
Lunch: 1 Cup Spinach with 5 sliced strawberries EVO and Balsamic Vinegar. Vegan Vanilla Drink with The other Half of the Strawberries [7] and Coconut water, Cilantro and Ice
Mid afternoon Tea [Not Shown]
Dinner: Cup Organic Broth with Italian spices,
2 Cups spinach, half zucchini, 8 Grape tomatoes, 2 Mushrooms, teaspoon sesame seeds, 3/4 cup broccoli raw, teaspoon Evo, Juice of Lemon, Salt [ the pink stuff] pepper, Cayenne [OMG IT WAS HUGE!!!]
Vegan Vanilla drink with Coconut water shaken not blended.
Snack: lill carrots with 2 tbl spoon Hummus [Better Than Chocolate to me]
Arm Day 30 Minutes After Breakfast
After Dinner walk 15 to 20 minutes

Day Three I got LAZY with The Collage and the description LOL

I give This 3 day Kick Start Cleanse a 5 out of FIVE Stars!!

If you would like more Information

Big Love,
Coach Tara
Text Me 727.300.1943

Friday, March 25, 2016

Do You want to Live the Life of Consequence You can Be Proud Of

This is a Message to all of you from the age of 35 to 55:
I want to ask you about your Parents health. 
Vanessa Redgrave at 74, by Bruce Weber for Italian Vogue

Ask yourself: 
"Is the way my Parents are experiencing their Later years a Matter of Consequence or Biology? 
Are they Now living a life that reflects Poor Decisions or Healthy Decisions? 
Are They at the Whim of things beyond their control or are they paying the price. " 
96-year-old runner and her 60-year-old daughter

I want you to ask yourself right now 
"Are you doing what is right for YOU so that You can age and Live in such a way that Allows for a Vibrant and Physically Active Senior years or are your decisions setting you up for endless doctor visits, prescriptions, Pain or Worse?"

It is Not How LONG we Live, its HOW WELL WE Live. 

Apply Now for ‪#‎SummerStrongTFS‬  
Message Me for Solutions  

Big Love,
Coach Tara
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Invite To #SummerStrongTFS !

Summer Strong

I know you have heard it before... SUMMERS Coming.... THIS Time, You are ready To Do something about it. Lets Make it even Better and Do It together !! This Challenge group will Bring You RIGHT into Your Summer Best. If You are serious about your Fitness and Nutrition Apply now for the Most exciting Challenge Group YET!! CLICK HERE to Apply


Big Love,
Coach Tara

Friday, March 18, 2016

You Are Not too FAT to Exercise

I Have heard it a Million Times And accepted it with my Giggly Open Arms, That Fat people Shouldn't really exercise Because of The Damage That we can do To our Joints, Knees and Such. There is SOME credence to That.. the Pressure of our weight on our joints when we do Certain exercises can be extreme.... HOWEVER It should Not STOP the Obese from Getting 30 Minutes of SWEAT a Day In. No Matter What 'they' say, YOU are NOT too FAT to Work out seriously.


The bottom line is - the health benefits of physical activity far outweigh the risks of getting hurt.

Lets Talk about 8 Different Benefits of Exercising

  1. LOOK and Feel Better
  2. Reduce Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  3. Reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
  4. Reduce Your Risk of Some Cancers
  5. Improve Your Mental Health and Mood
  6. Improve Your Ability to do Daily Activities and Prevent Falls
  7. Strengthen Your Bones and Muscles
  8. Increase Your Chances of Living Longer
Health Benefits Of Exercise

From Visually.

So Next Time Someone Tells you, that You should Attempt to loose Weight Without Exercise, Or The next time you tell it to yourself, You Can Just Squash That.

You Might Not be able to Do All the exercises you want to, however, Over time You will. 

Results are coming, as long as you embrace the journey. You can not get from there to over there if you are not willing to get on the road. 
It's gonna hurt sometimes, you are gonna want to quit sometimes. Other activities will all of a sudden become urgent, the old stories you used to tell yourself will fill your thoughts.... However, you committed to you way back before your Conscious mind even understands. You committed your soul to this body and it's time you took care of it. It's time to hold up your end of the bargain.

If You are Ready to Excuse the Excuses and are looking for Support, Need help choosing an exercise Plan to Suit your Style And your Physical Ability and Needs, Its Time to TALK. Shoot me a Message on Facebook CLICK HERE

Want to Know The Specific Program I am Using?

Message Me Here I'll Spill The BEANS And Help you Get Started. My Next Challenge Group is April 4th So Now is the Time to Get Ready, Get Started and I Can Help You Stay on TRACK.

If This post Inspired You, Please Feel free to Share with the World!!

Big Love, Coach Tara


Physical Activity and Health

13 Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My 3 Week Results

Who's Ready To See My 3 Week Results

So Here's the deal, I'm 44 Years old, Over 100 pounds overweight for my Height and age group. My Long term goal is to Loose a Total of 150 over the Course of a year Plus. Dropping about 2 pounds per week steady. Now, when I get around 140lbs , Ill be able to better judge if Going all the way to 120lbs is realistic for me, I have always worn my weight well so 140lb Might Look and Feel like 120lb, we will see.

Im Doing this so My grand daughter doesn't have to bury me when shes in highs school. I Intend to LIVE Long and Healthy. I intend to Be FREE from the Physical restrictions that WERE heading my way if I did not Make a Stand. I intend To Be one of those Women that You look at and say "HOT DAMN You Go Grand ma". I will NEVER live in Assisted living or a nursing home. I will Never rely on another person to Do things for me... I would much rather hire Folks to do What I don't WANT to Do.

My Goal was to Drop 2 pounds per week, for a total of 6 pounds.
RESULT: I Lost 5 lbs.
I couldn't even Fathom what kind of Inches goals I wanted However Im Damn sure I EXCEEDED THOSE.
My Chest I Lost 10.5 Inches
My waist, I Lost 9 inches
My Hips I Lost 4 inches!!!!
Holy Smack Balls Thats So freakin Awesome!!

I Am Soo freakin Happy with My First three weeks results.
My metabolism has takin a serious hit over the years so I set some Super realistic goals for My First 21 day Round. I Knew that the Scale is a Liar and That the Real results Come from How I feel, How well I did in Sticking To the program and How the Measuring Tape Measured.

This is How I Did on the Program:
I stuck with the eating Plan however, I still came short on how much Im supposed to eat. I kept it healthy and Cut out all that late night snacks. Round 2 I will go at that harder.
I took a total of 3 days off from Work outs. This round, I will Miss NONE. There is a suggestion to Do a second work out on the last half of the Program, I did not do those. This Round.... We will see at half time :D

Im Proud to say, I Have Added Fitness and Health to My BUSINESS and Im proud to say That I am 100% Confident in the Various programs I have to offer All People from All walks of Life. If you are READY and You are looking for Support on your Journey, Shoot me A Message HERE: And Lets Discuss your Options.

Want to Know The Specific Program I am Using?

Message Me Here I'll Spill The BEANS And Help you Get Started. My Next Challenge Group is April 4th So Now is the Time to Get Ready, Get Started and I Can Help You Stay on TRACK.

If This post Inspired You, Please Feel free to Share with the World!!

Big Love,
Coach Tara

My Business Partner And I are Currently Building A Team For This Up Coming Month of April. I Have 10 Positions Available.
Turn Your Passion For Health, Fitness and FREEDOM into a Thriving Business Coaching Others to Achieve Their Fitness Goals. Apply Now*, I will be Conducting Interviews Over the Next Couple of weeks. 
Must Be Coachable and ready To Launch BIG in April!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

All Things Sara: So, there's a thing...

I Could Not Resit to Share with you My Very First Coaches Thoughts on Her New Life!! Go Read Her post and Give Her some BIG LOVE!!

Coach Tara

All Things Sara: So, there's a thing...: Other than the whole big move something else has come amidst. Now most of my Facebook friends may know that I endured a 10 day clean eating ...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Be committed to Loving Your Body

Today's theme is Commitment. 

My Mom's Results After #ResolutionReSett

Yesterday I was having a heart to heart with my Mom. We were talking about the challenges she faces doing the workout program we selected. We talked about all the reasons why not and all the reasons why to.
We talked about how over the past few years she's been going to the Doctor regularly and all the same problems she has have not been improved upon medically.. No matter what they prescribe nothing helps ease the issues she has with her body and health. 
She's made a lot of improvements on her own. She quite smoking over a year ago. She's eating good, however both of us know that physical fitness is even more important for her quality of life.
Fitness is important for everyone, we don't need to argue that, however as you move into your 50's, 60's 70's it's a bit more in ones face. The lack of mobility, leg strength, flexibility.... All of that plays a major role in a persons later years...often times being the difference between being independent and Dependent. 

So throw away all the things you didn't do over your 20's or 30's and so on, take life by the horns and make a stand for your future self.
Be committed, even after the idea is exciting. Be committed when it is a challenge... Be committed when you wanna quit or skip a day...

I Remained Committed today even though I did Not want to Do Pilates :)

Be committed to loving your body, where it is and give yourself a prescription of nutrition AND physical fitness. Do that and you will deliver to yourself a better life.
Message me if you are looking to make a change in your life, or better yet, take a taste of it in this months Love your body, Spring Slim Down free 10 day clean eats support group. CLICK The PIC

If This post Inspired You, Please Feel free to Share with the World!!

Big Love,
Coach Tara

Saturday, February 20, 2016

To Love The Body we are In

Maybe You haven't been so good to your body. Maybe you are like me and find yourself over 40 and totally paying for all that playing that we did in our 20's and 30's. The Guilt is already creepin up on some of you as you read this right now. kind of like my Initial reaction to my weigh in as I started the Resolution Reset this week.

At First Glance at the scale, I thought I was seeing things, maybe I need better glasses I thought, so I quickly stepped off the Scale, shook my head a little, adjusted my readers a bit and set the scale back to zero before taking that Brave Step ONE more Time....

And So it is..  my eyes were telling me the truth...The numbers were exactly the same as the first time I stepped on... They are ENTIRELY too high for me, For my Height, For My health and for my own happiness...

Now, Before anyone goes crazy thinking I'm just being to hard on myself, that I need to learn to Love the Body I have and that I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I want you to know, I am not being too hard on myself. The Pain and regret I felt in that Moment when I KNEW the Scale was actually working and giving me a proper reading was quick to be Squashed by my SUPER WOMAN ME. 

My Super Woman Me Said:

'Ahh, yes, well Honey, Thats why you have already begun to get on track again. You already Knew you didn't feel good and Now I am here to remind You That YOU DO love the body you are in and I can Prove it to you.
You Began eating Clean again...You Began working out again, you began to LOVE your Body so much That you are willing to And Doing what ever it takes to Care For it...So , Don't be Mad at where You are starting.... Don't be mad about Anything. Let go of your Regrets and Shame.. thats not YOU anymore, Thats The OLD you.. The One that went out all the Time and drank too much Booze, That Old you is gone, 
She served her purpose And You Could Not Even Come close to Who you are Now With out Her. So Honor your old you and See her off Proper and Step into WHO YOU TRULY ARE NOW '

I write about this publicly because I have a Voice to inspire, There are many women and men that feel Like Shit when they look at themselves or get dissapointed in poor choices they made... And I'm here to Let each and everyone of them Know that They do not have to continue on Feeling that way about themselves. That They Have a Super Power with in themselves Born From Their Older self and I am here to Say YOU TOO CAN Honor and Love The Body you are in. 

Love Your Body with 

  • Water 
  • Real Food
  • Movement

How To determine How Much water You should love your body with? Well I Just started using this Cool App Hydra Coach For android. It Calculates Your Sex, Weight, Climate and Goals to See How Much water you should Love Your Body with. [Here's One Idea for Apple Users WaterLogged]

Go As Organic and LOCAL as Possible when Purchasing Food. avoid Boxed and Canned Food and Eat Often throughout the Day. If You are over weight like me, its likely you may be Waiting till you are 'Starving' to eat, then you are eating too much at once and Too late in the day, then You might be Snacking later in the evening than you should be. I Found a Really Cool System to Help me get and stay on track with My Nutritional Intake. 

You Gotta Break a Sweat, You Gotta love your body with Movement. If we were meant to be Stationary we would have been a Tree. The Health Benefits of Exercise Are Extraordinary, Even just 30 Minutes a Day... Check out this Report From the University Of New Mexico on the Health benefits of 30 Minutes a day of Exercise.

As Some of you may know, I am currently hosting a 10 day Resolution Reset Clean eating support group. However, because I will Be going further I am Opening applications up For my March Melt Down 30 day Challenge Support Group. This group is specifically for individuals that want the support and accountability I can Offer in a close knit group size. Space is again Limited to 10 people that are Committed to Loving the Body They are in for 30 days Straight. It is my desire to Help Others Develop the Habit of Loving their Body and Honoring it with Water, Nutrition and Movement. Then we will Set the New Healthy Habit in Stone. 
So, If you are Committed to Learning to Love Your Body and want to learn more about my March Melt Down Challenge Group CLICK HERE to apply and I will see you on the other Side.

Big Love,
Coach Tara

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