Release And Increase With Coach Tara: April 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

My 3 Day Cleanse RESULTS

Super Excited to share My Results from My 3 day cleanse with you!

In this video I give you a History of my Personal experiences with Cleansing and fasting during my Life so you are familiar with my experience AND Understand My Opinions and Experience NOW.

If you don't want to Know that right Now, You can Skip to the 8 minute and 33 second Mark on the Video.

Thats where I tell you How I did the 3 day kick start Cleanse. If I cheated, What I Customized and The Results I had with fat released.

So I Released 6 Pounds!!! HECK YEAH!!!

Day One of My 3 Day Cleanse grin emoticon
Breakfast: Nutritional Smoothie with Orange
Fiber: I forgot to Take a pic
Tea: Raspberry
Lunch: Sliced tomato with Tsp EVO and Drizzle Vinegar, himalayan salt and pepper . Vegan Vanilla Drink Blended with Pineapple, Coconut water, Cilantro and Ice [YUMMM]
Snack : Broccoli with HUMMUS!!
Dinner: Cup Organic Broth with Italian seasonings and garlic, Roasted Asparagus [I Over cooked them But HOT DAMN they were good!] Vegan Vanilla drink with Coconut water and Ice, No Blend, Just Shake.

Im Like WHAT!! Last Time I Cleansed I wanted to DIE!
Day 2 of My 3 Day Cleanse
From The Top:
Breakfast: Fruit = Pineapple with Nutritional Smoothie Mix, Coconut water, Ice and Cilantro
Mid Morning Fiber [Not Shown] I drink it so fast I forget to take a pic LOL
Lunch: 1 Cup Spinach with 5 sliced strawberries EVO and Balsamic Vinegar. Vegan Vanilla Drink with The other Half of the Strawberries [7] and Coconut water, Cilantro and Ice
Mid afternoon Tea [Not Shown]
Dinner: Cup Organic Broth with Italian spices,
2 Cups spinach, half zucchini, 8 Grape tomatoes, 2 Mushrooms, teaspoon sesame seeds, 3/4 cup broccoli raw, teaspoon Evo, Juice of Lemon, Salt [ the pink stuff] pepper, Cayenne [OMG IT WAS HUGE!!!]
Vegan Vanilla drink with Coconut water shaken not blended.
Snack: lill carrots with 2 tbl spoon Hummus [Better Than Chocolate to me]
Arm Day 30 Minutes After Breakfast
After Dinner walk 15 to 20 minutes

Day Three I got LAZY with The Collage and the description LOL

I give This 3 day Kick Start Cleanse a 5 out of FIVE Stars!!

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Big Love,
Coach Tara
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