Release And Increase With Coach Tara: June 2016

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why I Choose The KETO #HFLC Lifestyle

Why I choose The Ketogenic Lifestyle

I Guess I should start with a disclaimer... Im NOT a Doctor Nor am I a Certified Nutritionist.... Im a Normal person Doing my best to Educate myself and others about Healthy living. I have been involved with the Health and wellness industry on and off for years And have really started to find myself in all of it Now.

A Few years ago.. Back in 2011.. i was in a particular Company and was taking their Shake mix to help me to loose some weight. I was struggling with my weight a bit and was super excited to loose 20 pounds using the product... Then I gained it back... Fast... And Then Gained another 40 pounds.. I was devastated and Thought it was All me.. I restricted myself More and More, replacing 2 meals a day with that Shake Mix...

Can you see the writing on the wall there? 
First thing.. It wasnt ALL the Shake mix ingredients, However It Exacerbated the Issues I was having.
I became an Insomniac ( I was an Insomniac for 3 years )
I was Anxious and Paranoid All the time
I had Terrible Hemorrhoids
I developed Andema in my right foot.
I Had Bloating, My Stomach was off wack
I was Falling apart...

When I finally started to Really look at what I was doing to my body and learning about what that 'Shake Mix" actually had in it and what impact it was happening to me... Well Turns out all of the Things I was experiencing were Side effects of Those two Main ingredients [Soy Protien Isolate And Sucrolose]... I was literately Being Sold a Product.. That Was Making me Fat... AND to make matters Worse, I was Selling it to other people... The whole darn situation was bad... and It has takin me a LONG time to get my act together on my own path to Health and Getting into the Fitness I desire to live....
Click Here For Photo Source And More About SOY Danger

I FELT AWFUL... The feeling of Guilt was crazy sauce and It was hard for me to even feel like I was Able to refer anyone to anything regarding people diet or Health... Its A Journey many people take....

Fast forward to NOW And My desire to Do good By myself And be a Positive role model for others.. I have been on a Ever growing journey for Fitness and Health. And I found the High fat Low carb  or Ketogenic Lifestyle and have been eating this way for 12 days :)

The First Of HUNDREDS of Keto Videos I have been watching over the past 6 month

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And From a Fellow Beach Body Lover Melissa McAllister

I Encourage you To Take a Deeper look at Ketogenic Style Eating and How it might benefit you too. In addition.. You can Watch Everything Im doing On my Instagram Or my Facebook Page , I am literately Posting Every Drop I eat :)

Ready to Take your Fitness to the Next level.. Join me In the 90 day Fitness challenge group We Start in JULY. CLICK HERE to learn More.

Big Love,
Coach Tara

Thursday, June 16, 2016

90 Days w Coach Tara

Im Super excited to be Starting a NEW 90 day Fitness Plan.
I keep thinking about What kind of person I will become and what parts of me will I leave behind. 
Over the last few months I have Fallin HEAD over Heals with working out and Loving what taking 30 minutes a day does for my Mood, My focus, my attitude and My body. 
NOW, Im ready to take All of it Up a Notch and Commit myself to this 90 day Program to help me do it.

I am looking for a few accountability partners to share in this experience with me.

As a Bonus to anyone who takes the Dive with me I will be Hosting an Exclusive FB Group where we can all Give our support to each other AND a Weekly Accountability Group Coaching Session for the Full 90 days.

We'll be arm in arm through it all. 
Im Really excited to Share my Found again Love for Exercise and Really Excited about helping YOU get The results in your health that will change your Life. 
ALL Fitness levels and abilities welcome. This is A GIVE What you Got Kind of Work out program specifically Designed to Help you TRANSITION into a More fulfilling state of physical fitness ACCORDING to Your Particular circumstances. 
You will not need lots of fancy equipment or high tech gadgets, You'll need to BRING your Passion to Win at your life, be ready to Impress Yourself with your Determination and Break a sweat!

Who is this NOT For?

  •  Anyone That Is looking for a Lose Weight Diet. This is about TRANS-FORMATIVE Change Not Quick and Easy Fix Magic Pill.
  •  Wall Flowers that just want to 'Watch' in the Group. Participation and accountability are Required.


 Any Fitness Level
 wanting to Make changes however no longer wanting to 'Go It Alone'
 Anyone 18 and UP years Young [Im 44]
 Willing to Challenge themselves 6 days a week for 12 weeks
 Committed to Personal Freedom and Transformation

Final Thought... Who will you be in 90 days and what will you leave behind?

Big Love,
Coach Tara
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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Collagen Induction Therapy-Dermarolling Review and Demo

Collagen Induction Therapy-Dermarolling Review and Demo 

Im am Not An Expert, dermatologist Or Skin care Professional. I am a Middle aged woman Sharing my Beginning experience with Derma Rolling.

After researching Derma Rolling I decided I wanted to give this a try to help me with Fine lines, skin discoloration, And to increase the renewal of Collagen and Elastin in my Skin.

First video I saw was From Nisha - My Fave Female Youtube Beauty Guru See Here Channel Here:

I watched SEVERAL after and Said YES! I purchased a ORA .25 Derma Roller from

I am Doing an Intense routine for the beginning. Derma Roll treatment every 2 to 3 days using the .25 Derma Roller for a total of 6 sessions, Then I will slow to Once every two weeks or 4 weeks - I haven't decided yet- 

Be Sure Your Face is CLEAN. Your Derma Roller is Sanitized and Undamaged. I have heard to Replace the Derma Roller any where from Every Month to Every 6 months. I figure You should use Good judgement with that and increase your Replacement times according to how often you use it.

I highly suggest you start with Small Needles for normal skin, Purchase 2 so you can easily switch out the roller as soon as you notice it needs changing. 

Here is A great Video from A  Professional WATCH IT:

As With Any Skin Care Routine DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you have a Dermatologist, CONSULT THEM or Have it Done professionally for A More Intense Treatment

The Skin Care Products I Use :

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Derma Roller Review (0.50mm), Live Demo and Before and After

Come Dermarolling with Me! Dermaroller Skincare Routine Start to Finish

For The sake of All Opinions I Loved This Video

She is honest and Gives her real opinion Even tho I think she Over did it when She decided to give it a real try

Definately Check the Comment section on this video as well

An esthetician on: dermarollers

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Thank you For Watching!

Big Love,

Coach Tara