Release And Increase With Coach Tara: My 3 Week Results

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My 3 Week Results

Who's Ready To See My 3 Week Results

So Here's the deal, I'm 44 Years old, Over 100 pounds overweight for my Height and age group. My Long term goal is to Loose a Total of 150 over the Course of a year Plus. Dropping about 2 pounds per week steady. Now, when I get around 140lbs , Ill be able to better judge if Going all the way to 120lbs is realistic for me, I have always worn my weight well so 140lb Might Look and Feel like 120lb, we will see.

Im Doing this so My grand daughter doesn't have to bury me when shes in highs school. I Intend to LIVE Long and Healthy. I intend to Be FREE from the Physical restrictions that WERE heading my way if I did not Make a Stand. I intend To Be one of those Women that You look at and say "HOT DAMN You Go Grand ma". I will NEVER live in Assisted living or a nursing home. I will Never rely on another person to Do things for me... I would much rather hire Folks to do What I don't WANT to Do.

My Goal was to Drop 2 pounds per week, for a total of 6 pounds.
RESULT: I Lost 5 lbs.
I couldn't even Fathom what kind of Inches goals I wanted However Im Damn sure I EXCEEDED THOSE.
My Chest I Lost 10.5 Inches
My waist, I Lost 9 inches
My Hips I Lost 4 inches!!!!
Holy Smack Balls Thats So freakin Awesome!!

I Am Soo freakin Happy with My First three weeks results.
My metabolism has takin a serious hit over the years so I set some Super realistic goals for My First 21 day Round. I Knew that the Scale is a Liar and That the Real results Come from How I feel, How well I did in Sticking To the program and How the Measuring Tape Measured.

This is How I Did on the Program:
I stuck with the eating Plan however, I still came short on how much Im supposed to eat. I kept it healthy and Cut out all that late night snacks. Round 2 I will go at that harder.
I took a total of 3 days off from Work outs. This round, I will Miss NONE. There is a suggestion to Do a second work out on the last half of the Program, I did not do those. This Round.... We will see at half time :D

Im Proud to say, I Have Added Fitness and Health to My BUSINESS and Im proud to say That I am 100% Confident in the Various programs I have to offer All People from All walks of Life. If you are READY and You are looking for Support on your Journey, Shoot me A Message HERE: And Lets Discuss your Options.

Want to Know The Specific Program I am Using?

Message Me Here I'll Spill The BEANS And Help you Get Started. My Next Challenge Group is April 4th So Now is the Time to Get Ready, Get Started and I Can Help You Stay on TRACK.

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Big Love,
Coach Tara

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  1. Soo cool ♥♥☺☺ You are working very hard !!~

  2. OMG! This is so awesome! Amazing results Tara! Way to go!! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Holly Smockerell put taht in a pipe and burn it woot Gal you went at it like Usain Bolt. Keeo doing keep going keep healthy and I say Amen to each and every declaration you made about yor life and health :) Inspired...ha I am like lets get this now Julie...I gotta drom a dress size by April 22th and I am getting it done Period!

    1. YES!! I LOVE That Julie!! Woot!! Get it Woman!

  4. I'm so proud of you and what an amazing story so far. I can't wait to see your end results.