Release And Increase With Coach Tara: Collagen Induction Therapy-Dermarolling Review and Demo

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Collagen Induction Therapy-Dermarolling Review and Demo

Collagen Induction Therapy-Dermarolling Review and Demo 

Im am Not An Expert, dermatologist Or Skin care Professional. I am a Middle aged woman Sharing my Beginning experience with Derma Rolling.

After researching Derma Rolling I decided I wanted to give this a try to help me with Fine lines, skin discoloration, And to increase the renewal of Collagen and Elastin in my Skin.

First video I saw was From Nisha - My Fave Female Youtube Beauty Guru See Here Channel Here:

I watched SEVERAL after and Said YES! I purchased a ORA .25 Derma Roller from

I am Doing an Intense routine for the beginning. Derma Roll treatment every 2 to 3 days using the .25 Derma Roller for a total of 6 sessions, Then I will slow to Once every two weeks or 4 weeks - I haven't decided yet- 

Be Sure Your Face is CLEAN. Your Derma Roller is Sanitized and Undamaged. I have heard to Replace the Derma Roller any where from Every Month to Every 6 months. I figure You should use Good judgement with that and increase your Replacement times according to how often you use it.

I highly suggest you start with Small Needles for normal skin, Purchase 2 so you can easily switch out the roller as soon as you notice it needs changing. 

Here is A great Video from A  Professional WATCH IT:

As With Any Skin Care Routine DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you have a Dermatologist, CONSULT THEM or Have it Done professionally for A More Intense Treatment

The Skin Care Products I Use :

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Derma Roller Review (0.50mm), Live Demo and Before and After

Come Dermarolling with Me! Dermaroller Skincare Routine Start to Finish

For The sake of All Opinions I Loved This Video

She is honest and Gives her real opinion Even tho I think she Over did it when She decided to give it a real try

Definately Check the Comment section on this video as well

An esthetician on: dermarollers

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Thank you For Watching!

Big Love,

Coach Tara


  1. that's so neat! i definitely have to try!

    1. Yes!! The Dermstore Is Very affordable AND its free shipping and some percentage off for new customers. I can earn referral points so Send me the email address To invite you

  2. Looking Awesome !!~ great video and demonstration !!~ thank you for sharing this !!~ Appreciate ♥♥☺☺

    1. Thank you Much!! We need to get you some skin lidocaine :)

  3. Awesome Share Tara,

    I love looking after my skin and I did notice its been in need of some extra TLC. Will look into this :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. I gotta Say, I LOVE IT. I just did my Third Round Tonight. This time starting with the Forehead - the hardest part - I Definitely Love how my skin is Looking so far!!