Release And Increase With Coach Tara: Resolution ReSet: 10 Day Clean Eats Challenge

Monday, February 15, 2016

Resolution ReSet: 10 Day Clean Eats Challenge

Resolution Reset

I had all the best intentions... Even began a Jogging routine however after getting sick [It was just a chest cold] I decided I really needed a Resolution Reset for the health and wellness goals I set for myself for 2016.
I Knew I needed a Big Ol Reset Button, Just Like This
Resolution Reset
And I Knew If I Wanted One.... I Could Bet There are Thousands and Millions of Others that would Like to restart their resolutions. So I Came Up With a Plan....

I Created the Resolution ReSet 10 Day Clean Eats Challenge And I set a Date to Do it.

Now For the Fun Part...YOU... yeah, I want to Do this challenge With YOU. 
I have Set up the Group on Facebook...
Got a Great Shopping List together... Even Some Meal ideas....
All I need from You is your commitment To be Accountable for The Challenge.

Here's What you need to Know:

  • This Group is Limited to 10 People
  • It is FREE
  • You must have your application in by Thursday [YES, This Thursday]
  • We Begin on Friday February 19th and will Go till the 29th
  • You Must be on Facebook to participate as that is where the Group is
  • AND you must be ready to Have FUN  and meet some new peeps.

So If This Sounds like YOU

Big Love,
Coach Tara


  1. What a great idea. This blog looks great by the way. =)

  2. We can always hit the re-start button. Way to go Tara! Btw loving the new blog.

    1. Thats Right +Shawne, Its Never Too late, Time is Always on our Side :D

  3. Sounds an awesome idea. Everyone wants to keep well.

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  5. What an Excellent Idea!! Great looking blog.

  6. Replies
    1. You LOve!! Saweet!! I Look forward to Your Participation!!

  7. Aaaahh lookng great Tara.

    Now for that Resolution reset button....I hit it every morning just like God does for me. That way i am set to get the best out of the day whatever comes. Plus I dont beat myself up for not hitting the goals 100%...WHY? because I always set 10x the goals so that I hit at least 80% :) Good fun on your challenge and look forward to the results come 29th :)

    1. Bam!! Right On Julie!! Love it :) Thank you

  8. Great Idea ♥☺ Resolution ReSet: 10 Day Clean Eats Challenge !!~ thank you !!~~

  9. thats a great idea Tara. we really need to learn the reset functionality in our lives! this is awesome.

  10. [ Smiles ] Hmm. Making resolutions and actually keeping them.

    Let's hope that the resolution reset button works.

    By the way, I love what you did with your blog here on Blogger; great look!

  11. Blogger is Awesome.
    And There's no need to hope, Im just gonna do.
    Most people Fail at keeping their resolutions,
    but that doesn't Invalidate The Resolution.
    I am Definitely One of those people that STICK to it,
    No matter What :)