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Saturday, February 20, 2016

To Love The Body we are In

Maybe You haven't been so good to your body. Maybe you are like me and find yourself over 40 and totally paying for all that playing that we did in our 20's and 30's. The Guilt is already creepin up on some of you as you read this right now. kind of like my Initial reaction to my weigh in as I started the Resolution Reset this week.

At First Glance at the scale, I thought I was seeing things, maybe I need better glasses I thought, so I quickly stepped off the Scale, shook my head a little, adjusted my readers a bit and set the scale back to zero before taking that Brave Step ONE more Time....

And So it is..  my eyes were telling me the truth...The numbers were exactly the same as the first time I stepped on... They are ENTIRELY too high for me, For my Height, For My health and for my own happiness...

Now, Before anyone goes crazy thinking I'm just being to hard on myself, that I need to learn to Love the Body I have and that I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I want you to know, I am not being too hard on myself. The Pain and regret I felt in that Moment when I KNEW the Scale was actually working and giving me a proper reading was quick to be Squashed by my SUPER WOMAN ME. 

My Super Woman Me Said:

'Ahh, yes, well Honey, Thats why you have already begun to get on track again. You already Knew you didn't feel good and Now I am here to remind You That YOU DO love the body you are in and I can Prove it to you.
You Began eating Clean again...You Began working out again, you began to LOVE your Body so much That you are willing to And Doing what ever it takes to Care For it...So , Don't be Mad at where You are starting.... Don't be mad about Anything. Let go of your Regrets and Shame.. thats not YOU anymore, Thats The OLD you.. The One that went out all the Time and drank too much Booze, That Old you is gone, 
She served her purpose And You Could Not Even Come close to Who you are Now With out Her. So Honor your old you and See her off Proper and Step into WHO YOU TRULY ARE NOW '

I write about this publicly because I have a Voice to inspire, There are many women and men that feel Like Shit when they look at themselves or get dissapointed in poor choices they made... And I'm here to Let each and everyone of them Know that They do not have to continue on Feeling that way about themselves. That They Have a Super Power with in themselves Born From Their Older self and I am here to Say YOU TOO CAN Honor and Love The Body you are in. 

Love Your Body with 

  • Water 
  • Real Food
  • Movement

How To determine How Much water You should love your body with? Well I Just started using this Cool App Hydra Coach For android. It Calculates Your Sex, Weight, Climate and Goals to See How Much water you should Love Your Body with. [Here's One Idea for Apple Users WaterLogged]

Go As Organic and LOCAL as Possible when Purchasing Food. avoid Boxed and Canned Food and Eat Often throughout the Day. If You are over weight like me, its likely you may be Waiting till you are 'Starving' to eat, then you are eating too much at once and Too late in the day, then You might be Snacking later in the evening than you should be. I Found a Really Cool System to Help me get and stay on track with My Nutritional Intake. 

You Gotta Break a Sweat, You Gotta love your body with Movement. If we were meant to be Stationary we would have been a Tree. The Health Benefits of Exercise Are Extraordinary, Even just 30 Minutes a Day... Check out this Report From the University Of New Mexico on the Health benefits of 30 Minutes a day of Exercise.

As Some of you may know, I am currently hosting a 10 day Resolution Reset Clean eating support group. However, because I will Be going further I am Opening applications up For my March Melt Down 30 day Challenge Support Group. This group is specifically for individuals that want the support and accountability I can Offer in a close knit group size. Space is again Limited to 10 people that are Committed to Loving the Body They are in for 30 days Straight. It is my desire to Help Others Develop the Habit of Loving their Body and Honoring it with Water, Nutrition and Movement. Then we will Set the New Healthy Habit in Stone. 
So, If you are Committed to Learning to Love Your Body and want to learn more about my March Melt Down Challenge Group CLICK HERE to apply and I will see you on the other Side.

Big Love,
Coach Tara

Release And Increase

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  1. [ Smiles ] Nice message, Tara.

    I would recommend that you find ways to speed up your metabolism; that way you would burn calories at a much faster rate.

    Here is a very short list of some foods that you can consume to boost your metabolism; they are as follows:

    • Hot peppers

    • Oatmeal

    • Apples

    • Pears

    • Green tea

    • Spinach

    Also, do not forget to exercise moderately.

    I have faith that you can do it and I am cheering you on, my friend.

    1. Big Love +Renard Those Are Excellent tips, i Gotta remember my Oat meal!!Thats like the greatest ever!

  2. Loving our body now will only make us love our body more later! Building that positivity around yourself only makes it easier to get healthy!

  3. To Love The Body we are In >. lOVE THIS Tara :) The Health Benefits of Exercise Are Extraordinary, Even just 30 Minutes a Day. I am working my way up to this I have a morning ritual now and that will change in time for /i need to sweet !!~ thank you for sharing all this with us awesome :)

    1. You are So welcome!! Proud of you Mom!

    2. Thank you Tara, you have been such an amazing friend not only to me but to so many around you...I aprechiate and love you so much and am so very proud if you my friend!!

  4. Wow.. Tara.. You are certainly a super woman in my eyes..

    You are truly amazing and I am proud of you.. and you should be ever so proud of yourself and you dedicated work ethic..

    Stay Blessed ;)

  5. Yes Yes Yes Tara you can do it in fact you are doing it and I am cheering you on. How about you Meditate deeply even if its for 15 mins after your 30min exercise telling your body how wonderful and fit it is...Louis Hays has some amazing body beautiful affirmations. Your inner Queen hears only what you tell her to do and thus will start to guide your mind and body towards your desired body mass! So yes I am cheering you on and doing too :)

    1. Oo I Like That Idea!!! Thank you Much Sylvia. i Will Do that today!

  6. Powerful post...Our bodies are our 'temples' for this very short time on earth (unless you believe in reincarnation), so we should love and respect them! Thanks Tara

  7. Aye! Build up the whole yourself positively. I mean, both inner and outer. It will certainly do magics.

    Have a good day, Tara! Take care.